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Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates also specializes in consumer and commercial first party insurance cases.

Specifically, for the past 33 years Mr. Stephen Losh has handled a multitude of first party real property insurance cases involving fire, water, theft, and vandalism or third party negligence losses. Generally, these matters arise when the client’s insurance carrier either down grades the amount of a client’s loss or refuses entirely to pay a claim. In fact, many times in order to attempt to justify their declination of coverage or refusal to pay on a claim, insurance carriers will schedule a client’s examination under oath. This procedure resembles a deposition in form except the client has far fewer rights at this proceeding than at a typical deposition. For this reason, Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates will appear with the client and protect their rights so that their claim is handled properly by the insurance carrier.

Mr. Stephen Losh lectures on consumer and commercial first party insurance cases before the National and Local conventions of Public Adjusters. Currently, Mr. Stephen Losh has a pending case before the California Supreme Court regarding the rights of innocent co-insureds. This type of case generally arises wherein one family member causes a loss, such as burning down the family home, and other innocent family members are denied insurance coverage for the loss. Another example of a current case Mr. Stephen Losh is litigating involves the definition of vandalism when a property is vacant. The reason being is that “Vandalism”, is written as an exclusion to coverage when a property is vacant.

To this end, Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates will defend and protect your rights against insurance companies and ensure that your loss is handled promptly and properly until you have been justly compensated.

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