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Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates also Assists in Debt Settlement.

Debt Settlement is a perfectly legal solution for consumers who are seeking an alternative to bankruptcy. If you're deep in debt, cannot pay your bills and wish to avoid collection calls, you may consider debt settlement (also known as debt negotiation). Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates will negotiate and reduce the outstanding debt by 50-75% of the amount you owe and the creditor forgives the remaining debt thereby helping you to get out of debt faster.

The reason this is possible, is that creditors would much rather agree to settle your debts than have you file bankruptcy and not get paid at all, says debt expert Gerri Detweiler, author of "The Ultimate Credit Handbook." In exchange for an agreed-upon one-time payment -- typically, between 20% and 50% of what you owe -- the creditor forgives the rest of your debt and starts reporting it to the credit bureaus as settled. Meanwhile, you'll need to put money aside toward the settlement. On your credit reports, the balances of settled debts will show $0. Not surprisingly, creditors don't like to advertise debt settlement. They also make it an extremely difficult solution to pursue. As a rule, creditors won't negotiate with consumers who are current on their bills, often refusing to discuss settlements unless you're at least three to six months behind, explains Detweiler.

Beverly Hills Lawyers and Associates will field the collections calls, obtain a competitive settlement in your favor, and wipe away your unsecured debt. Other than unsecured credit cards, medical bills, gas/store cards, personal loans etc can also be settled. But tax debts, alimony, child support, mortgages, car loans and federally insured student loans are excluded from a debt settlement program.

Stop payment to creditors

Avoid bankruptcy

Avoid lawsuit & other legal actions

Eliminate extra charge

No more handling of collection calls

Avoid unfair collection practices

Debt is reduced

Get your life back on track

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